Our Team

At The Atikameksheng Trust, we have a dedicated board of Trustees who are entrusted with the responsibility of managing and safeguarding the assets for the benefit of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek community. Our Trustees play a vital role in upholding the principles and values of our organization.

Our board consists of a diverse group of community-elected members who bring their expertise and commitment to serving our community. We have a minimum of six Trustees, with at least four residing within the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek community and at least two residing outside the community. Each Trustee is elected through a community vote, ensuring their representation reflects the voice of our community.

Our Trustees are nominated qualified professionals who have met specific criteria. They must be over the age of 18, have no undischarged bankruptcy, no convictions of fraud, and have not been declared mentally incompetent. Through their dedication and expertise, our Trustees ensure the effective governance and administration of the trust.

In addition to our Trustees, we have a Limited Trustee who is responsible for the investing and managing of the Trust Property. This position is crucial in ensuring that our resources are utilized for the long-term benefit of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek community. The Limited Trustee must meet specific criteria, including not being bankrupt or insolvent and holding licensing under the Ontario or Federal Loan and Trust Corporation Act.

Furthermore, our Trustees serve rotating terms of four years. This ensures a balance of experience and fresh perspectives within the board. Every two years, three out of the six Trustees’ terms will expire, allowing for the inclusion of new members while maintaining continuity.

In addition to our Trustee board, we may employ and compensate agents, accountants, solicitors, brokers, and other assistants and advisors as necessary. This enables us to access specialized expertise and support in the settlement and administration of the trust, ensuring efficient management of our assets.

Our Trustee board, along with our employed professionals, including the Limited Trustee, works tirelessly to fulfill our mission of securing long-term benefits for the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek community. Together, we strive to create a prosperous future for all our band members.

For more information about our Trustees and their roles, see the profiles below.


Resident Trustees

Cheryl Nebenionquit – Co-Chairperson – Resident Trustee – Current Term 2020 to 2024

  • Has served two terms with the Atikameksheng Trust.
  • cheryl@atiktrust.ca

Jennifer F. Nootchtai – Resident Trustee -Current Term 2020 to 2024

  • Has served four terms with the Atikameksheng Trust
  • jennifer@atiktrust.ca

Lori Nootchtai  – Resident Trustee – Current Term 2022 to 2026

  • Has served two terms with the Atikameksheng Trust
  • lori@atiktrust.ca

Shannon Agowissa – Resident Trustee – Current Term 2022 to 2026

  • First term with the Atikameksheng Trust
  • shannon@atiktrust.ca

Non-Resident Trustees

Noella Nebonaionoquet – Co-Chairperson – Non-Resident Trustee – Current Term 2022 to 2026

  • Has served two terms with the Atikameksheng Trust
  • noella@atiktrust.ca

Kelly Nootchtai – Non-Resident Trustee – Current Term 2020 to 2024

  • Has served two terms with the Atikameksheng Trust
  • kelly@atiktrust.ca

Limited Trustee

RBC – Royal Bank of Canada – RBC Wealth Management, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Kathleen Mazur – Trust Advisor, Indigenous Wealth  – RBC Wealth Management, Royal Trust

Gilberto Ciulini CIM, FCSI, CFP – Portfolio Manager – RBC Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities Inc

Indigenous Wealth services – RBC Wealth Management

RBC Dominion Securities Inc. (rbcwealthmanagement.com)

Professional Service Providers

Administrative Services

Adam Jasar – Trust Administrator – Atikameksheng Trust

Auditors and Accountants

FCRCPA – Freelandt Caldwell Reilly LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

Tony Mcgregor – CPA, CA, – Prinicpal – FCRCPA

Nicholas Filippetto – CPA – Manager FCRCPA

Freelandt Caldwell Reilly, LLP | Chartered Accountants (fcrcpa.com)

Teresa Migwans – Bookkeeping Services – Atikameksheng Trust

Legal Services

Miller Thomson LLP Avocates | Lawyers

Nicole Woodward – Lawyer – Partner – Miller Thomson LLP

Home | Miller Thomson LLP